If you’re like most home-buyers you’re looking at a home loan in order to afford the property. Unless you already have a trusted source, we recommend our connection with Home Street Bank.

Many potential homebuyers feel that the only place they can get a loan is to their own bank. And, while every bank will probably do their best at getting your business you don't have to go through the bank that you have your checking or savings accounts with in order to get a home loan. In fact, it's best to shop around when looking for the best rate, option and program for your financial needs.

Connecting real estate with financeSo why go with my guy?

When facilitating a real estate transaction having a close connection between the lender or mortgage officer, home buyers, sellers, listing agents and buyers agents all can make the process much easier and flow much smoother. When the buyers agent works closely with the loan officer on getting the right mortgage, I can speak directly with the mortgage professional and tell them what type of home you looking to buy, where you're at financially, and work to make sure everything fits together in a timely manner. When I'm dealing with loan officers that I'm not familiar with there can be a lot of miscommunication.

Of course, it is not required to go with a specific home officer or mortgage professional; that is completely up to you. And, I always recommend shopping around to find the best option. But, the benefit of going with a loan officer over a bank is that most officers have access to hundreds of banks and lots of different mortgage programs and options to find the best one that meets your need. Using a loan officer can also help you get the best rate as we will be shopping on your behalf.

The only drawback to going with a mortgage officer versus a bank is the initial closing costs. Fees and other costs may be involved in may be slightly higher than going the bank because you have someone doing the heavy lifting for you. However, thinks only charge one fee as well as the one rate they can offer. Loan officers can search through hundreds of rates, fees and programs to find the right one for your financial needs.

So head on over to my financing page and meet Brent Palmer. As a loan officer in the Portland area for years it helps to know someone on the inside to get you the best rate and deal possible.

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