An antidote to the winter blues and blahs can be embracing the Danish concept of hygge—finding joy and contentment in life’s simple pleasures “in the moment.”.Considering a Hygge Lifestyle?

Living the hygge (pronounced “hue guh”) lifestyle evokes feelings of wellbeing. Creating a hygge atmosphere can be as simple as lighting a candle, sipping on a hot drink, throwing a log on the crackling fire and cozying up by yourself or with friends and family while the wind whistles outside your door. And, inside your door, have slippers nearby—may be lined with fleece--so you can take the chill off your feet as soon as you arrive home..

No purchases are necessary to enjoy the hygge life. Just an attitude that puts the kibosh on stressing or multi-tasking or leaving work late on a regular basis..

Inside your home, you can create a hygge atmosphere of warmth and coziness by decorating with neutral tones, soft furnishings, poufy pillows and area rugs scattered around rooms. Toss throws on chairs, sofas and beds so you can cuddle up for warmth wherever you are in a room. Bring the outside in with plants and flowers. Keep meaningful photos and objects within view to up the ante of good feelings when they catch your eye..

Make sure there is no harsh lighting in the hygge home. To add softness to rooms, light candles. They can cast a glow that provides instant comfort and serenity to any room. To add hygge ambience to a home, you can carve out a hygge “nook,” a peaceful area free of clutter where you can flop down on a comfortable chair or sofa to lounge, read, write, listen to music, be creative or watch the world go by outside your window..

Like decorating your surroundings, dressing in the hygge style is relaxed, focused on warmth and uncomplicated. That means including in your wardrobe wide scarves you can wind around your neck, sweaters that give a “top bulky” look and woolen socks. Tie all these laying elements together with an underpinning of black long skirts, pants and tops.

Coordinating your look with your interiors will mean you can be comfy and cozy while you’re “hibernating” during the cold winter months.

This is a perfect time of year to implement this into your home, especially if you're selling right now!

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