Clutter.  It's clogging up our lives! So much so, we need storage spaces to add even more clutter. But can we consolidate that clutter into manageable and even decorative spaces? Yes. Here's how.

#1. Start smallDeclutter Like a Pro

One thing at a time. Don't tackle everything all at once. Start with just five minutes the clutter one thing at a time. Maybe it's that junk drawer or two that you have in the kitchen, maybe it's your closet, the refrigerator, or file cabinet that hasn't seen the light of day in over a year. Start small and choose one item in the house at a time. Once that's done, move on to another room or another item.

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#2. Make four boxes.

You've probably heard of this one before but it does really work. Whether you are tackling all of your clutter issues on a weekend or would like an ongoing process, come up with for plastic boxes or containers and label them storage, donate, sell, or trash. Anything that you need to figure out what to do with, put in one of these four boxes and then little by little put the things in storage or when the box is full, put the box in the back of your car to take to a donation station.

#3. One in, one out (or two)

Anytime you bring something new into the house, send something old out. This works really well with clothing items. If you buy a new shirt, choose one or two shirts that you don't need anymore and donate them, throw them away or cut them up for rags.

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#4. Create a one year box.

Create a box in your office, kitchen or other space in the house and put an item in it that you don't think you'll use. Continue to fill up this box throughout the year and if you've managed not to bring anything back out of the box, it's time to donate or sell the items.

#5. Take pictures once it's de-cluttered.

I know this sounds a little hokey, but taking a picture after you've cleaned up an area gets you motivated to keep it clean. If it looks all neat, organized and tidy, you may be more motivated to keep it that way.

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Whether you are just clearing up your house were planning on staging your home for sale, these are some great tips to de-clutter and keep things de-cluttered like a pro.