Home staging has really only become popular within the last 25 years but it's an essential part to listing, marketing, and selling your home. While you can watch all the DIY and HGTV shows out there, there are some tried-and-true staging methods and tips that work regardless of your home, the size, and what you have to work with. Here are some of our favorite, easiest staging tips, and hacks that you might not know about.Easiest home staging hacks

Start at the door.

You have to make a good first impression and remember, buyers will be standing outside your front door while their agent gets the key from the lockbox so this gives them a few minutes to look around at your front door, your front porch, your front yard, and the neighborhood. While you might not be able to do much about the neighborhood, you can make that first impression/front door look amazing even if you have a condominium. Take a couple of potted plants placed on either side of the front door, a welcoming wreath, or, and only if there's enough room, a nice seating area. However, don't make it too crowded because there will be several people standing at the front door.

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Rearrange furniture for seating areas.

While you might have all of the couches and chairs facing the television, homebuyers don't want to see that, even though they probably will do the same thing. Rearrange the furniture for a social layout making it easier to envision the space being enjoyed among family and friends. Have couches and chairs facing each other with a table in the center and pull furniture away from the wall to give the feeling of more space.

Take away everything and then put something back.

You have to pack up anyway so take out everything from drawers, cupboards, cabinets, off of counters and shelves and pack up what you know you will move to the next house, recycle or donate those things that you're not going to take with you, and toss items that you know you won't ever use nor will anyone else. Then just put a couple of things back. This could mean putting in seasonal close in your drawers and closets, just a couple of items on the counter, and a few items in the pantry and drawers. It will show buyers that there is plenty of space and it will help you get a jump start on packing.

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Depending on the time of year, your backyard may be the selling point.

Don't neglect the backyard or even side yard when staging. Buyers want to see that it's a place to entertain, relax, and enjoy so keep the backyard spruced up, clean, clear, yard mowed, trees trimmed, everything we did, and create a beautiful, relaxing backyard.


Remember the rule of three.

When you're putting things back and staging a room, remember the rule of three. Items in odd numbered arrangements are more appealing so when you are setting the table have a set of three items in the center, coffee tables should have three decorative items, nightstands, countertops, and bathroom counters should all have items in a set of three. Keep things as neutral as possible, no family photos, collections, or memorabilia, and keep the colors as neutral as can be.

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Every house is different so you'll need to tailor your staging efforts on how specifically your home works. Give us a call and we can run over all the details on what your home could currently be worth, how much you could get if you do a little bit of homework, and what the Portland real estate market is currently doing.