Curb appeal is one of the first things the buyers see when they look at your home. Most of the time listing agents will use the outside photo of the house as the first impression the buyers will see. It's imperative that sellers maximize that first impression by creating outstanding curb. Here are some tips to impress and well potential buyers with curb appeal.Easy Curb appeal hacks to impress buyers

#1. A good cleaning. Now this might sound obvious but surprisingly enough, you might miss a lot of the cleaning issues around the house. Trim bushes, make sure trees and bushes do not touch the house and if so turn them back, mow the lawn, edge the lawn and add a little nitrogen to the grass to really brighten up the green. You might also consider washing your windows, pressure washing the driveway or sidewalk and maybe even consider power washing your roof.

#2. Consider adding shutters to the windows. This is an easy way to accentuate the size of your windows and make it look even bigger. It can add a visual interest, especially if you have flat walls without any slats of siding. It can focus attention on the trim, door and shutters. Paint the shutters in the trim different colors using different color scheme trends keeping in mind a neutral style but still making sure that the shutters pop in color.

#3. Update the door. At the very least repaint your front door otherwise you can give it a full facelift by giving it a decorative frame or consider a new door with a beautiful glass front or decorative inlay. New front doors can run pretty pricey, upwards of over $1000 for a very nice store but it can be one of the best impressions that buyers see when they walk up to your house.

#4. Update your house numbers. House numbers are one of those neglected features that really get forgotten about. Consider several unique and creative ways to display your house numbers. You can add house numbers to a post planter near the front porch, paint a terra-cotta planter with your house number by the doorstep or use your porch stair risers is an ideal spot for your house numbers. Make sure they stand out but are not to obnoxious.

#5. Update outside lighting. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to update the look of the outside, especially at night. You can find outdoor sconces for less than $20 at most home improvement stores. Outside sconces can be a little bit more expensive but updating the old 1980s brass ones for something more contemporary certainly at a good facelift to the house.

#6. It's all in the details. Little details can really make for a big first impression such as upgrading your mailbox if you have one out front into something that's clean and contemporary. Plant new shrubs and trees and make sure the mulch and bark is fresh. Install flower boxes or big potted plants to the front porch and make sure to hide all eyesores such as electrical boxes, trash cans or garden hoses.

The first impression is not something that you can create again. Make that first impression stand out with excellent curb appeal for beautiful photos that really jump off the page to potential buyers.

For more information contact our office on specifics on how to make your home really stand out among the rest on the market. Thank you to Nikki Malek for her guest post this week. Visit Niki's blog for more information on condo sales in her area