If you're looking to sell your home, you know that staging is a vital piece the listing and marketing puzzle. However, most people don't have thousand of dollastaging on a budgetrs to spend on a professional stager. Watching DIY programs, HGTV and other do-it-yourself programs can certainly help put your home in a better staged light, but many times we simply have to work with we got. Here are some easy ways to stage your Portland home budget.

Simply clean.

Simply clean up your home decluttering is a great place to start. You want to clean everything that possibly has never been cleaned such as window tracks, blinds, baseboards, ceiling fan and vents. Keeping your home clean and clutter free shows homebuyers you care about the appearance of the home itself and make them so confident about buying the property.

Try a few different furniture rearrangements.

Once you've cleaned and removed most of the clutter, you want to rearrange the furniture to add more space and personality. Create conversational areas and make sure that you can easily walk around the furniture that there is an easy flow. Simply remove the furniture that doesn't fit or becomes too cluttered and crowded in a particular area.

Direct the buyers I where you want to go.

Simply by directing the buyer to a focal point can determine easy function for a room. For instance: have a small gathering place around the fireplace; make the kitchen counter the focal point of the kitchen, and of course the bad being the luxurious, comfy and fluffy focal point of the bedroom. Highlight the space with lighting a particular artwork if necessary.

Touches of green.

Natural touches and, can add great ambiance to a room. If you live close to water you might get elements that reflect such as beachy themed items, etc.. Add Plants, flowers and green space especially to kitchens and bathrooms.

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Emotionally connect to the buyer.

Ask your real estate agent type of buyers are purchasing your home. Then create spaces in your home that might reflect. For instance: "add a gameboard on the family room coffee table for family-friendly homes. Or, in starter homes sexy nightgown in the master bedroom bath to remind a newlywed couple of privacy they'll now have." [MSN Money]

Just some easy touches and you're done! With the help of your agent you can make your home appeal to any buyer! Call us today to find out how to stage and sell your home on a budget!

Image by Nan Palmero