Feng shui is the art of designing and arranging your home to create positive energy and flow not just through the house but through your life as well. Occasionally I come across buyers that are specifically looking for a feng shui home in the Portland area. In working with several have become attuned as to what to look for and types of homes to stay away from. The basic feng shui thinking is there needs to be a connection between the bedroom, the bathroom, in the kitchen. These are three of the life-giving and nourishing areas of the home. The kitchen is the place that nourishes the family or those that live in the home so the environment needs to be positive with lots of extra light and without any exterior doors close to the kitchen area. If a backdoor leads directly out from the kitchen the feng shui mentality says that the positive energy could leave as well.Feng Shui Portland Homes

Kitchens should be light and airy and flow from one room to the other. Simple items that any homeowner can do would be to add fresh flowers or fresh greenery to the space but other items must come with the home such as the layout. If the front door leads directly into the home and opens up into the various rooms of the house it creates a positive energy flow throughout the home. If you walk directly into the front door and there are stairs leading up or something blocking the entrance, it creates a negative space it makes you want to leave the house.

Bedrooms also need to be a positive space that is relaxing and comforting. The bed should not face the door and there should be plenty of light, calming sense to the room and open windows. Once the homeowners live in the home a proper feng shui bedroom should not have any TVs or computers to distract away from the peaceful environment at the bedroom provides.

A bathroom should also be a relaxing and restful part of the house. Open flow into the bathroom with lots of windows and natural light can add ambience and peacefulness to the environment.

Feng shui can get as detailed as a door or window being in a certain place or feng shui buyers can simply want a home with easy flow that follows the general guidelines. Believe it or not, positive energy and affirmation throughout a home cannot be a bad thing. Call me if you’re interested in looking at homes in the Portland area that appeal to your style of feng shui and what you’re looking for. I would be happy to offer some tips and suggestions for feng shui homes in Portland.

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