Four Bedroom Homes in Tigard Oregon

Four and five bedroom homes were not the norm just 20 years ago, but many of the newer homes will have a larger footprint allowing for more rooms overall. Some of the older homes built in the 1970s to 1980s typically only have the 2 to 3 bedrooms whereas many of the newer homes are being developed as larger homes with four, five and even six bedroom floor plans.4 5 bedroom home in Tigard

It's nice to have this selection of bedrooms when choosing a home especially for those that work out of the home or just simply have a larger family. But having three, four, or five kids in the family is not necessarily a reason someone would choose a four bedroom home in Tigard Oregon. Many people, even those with just two people living in the house, are finding a four bedroom home is meeting all of their needs such as an extra bedroom for a den, and office, or a library.

Why Choose Tigard?

Many retirees are finding a home with more bedrooms although a smaller footprint so that there is less to clean but more space for different projects and activities that they like to conduct throughout their day. Having a quiet space for a private office or den to store collectibles and memorabilia is becoming a popular choice for retirees.

Of course, families with lots of kids find four bedroom homes in Tigard exactly what they're looking for. Parents have their own room while each kid is also blessed with their own room and you may actually have one left over, perfect for a playroom or media room. Many families are turning the extra room into simply a toy or play area for all the toys that simply won't fit in the bedrooms.

Depending on the style of home; a split entry, tri-level, or a rambler, these extra bedrooms could be in a variety of places; upstairs may house all the rooms or it may be split between the upstairs and downstairs or a couple in different levels on a tri-level home. Several developers in new subdivisions are making larger homes with all of the bedrooms upstairs.

Having these one or two extra bedrooms per home really frees up the space in the living room and dining room area especially if there are multiple living spaces. Having a family room and a formal living room allows for an uncluttered space that’s easy to maneuver and free flows from one room to another.

An extra bedroom can also be turned into the guest bedroom although this tradition is slowly fading away and not as popular as it once was.  This used to be a popular idea of from the 1960s to the 1980s but now families and homeowners are using the spare rooms for more than just guests on occasion. They are a fully functioning part of the entire home use on a daily basis.

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If you're interested in looking at any four or even a five bedroom home in Tigard Oregon please give me a call today. We can start your search online here first or simply contact me and let me know how many bedrooms and what type of home you're looking for and I would be happy to send you all available listings that match your criteria and your price range.

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