Celebrate Friday the 13th the RIGHT WAY - are you afraid?

Shanghai Tunnels puts on ghost tours every Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th throughout the year. This special ghost to her is only offered on one of the most superstitious nights of the year. However, it does carry over to Saturday the 14th depending on the month of the year. This unique historical underground to her visits all the networks in Portland's underground where you can see remnants of Portland's past that has been hidden for decades. Also, what makes this even scarier is the paranormal partners that will join the expedition. You can share electronic voice phenomena, ghostly photos and their own personal experiences in the underground.Friday 13th events portland

This event will meet at Hobos Restaurant. Located at 120 NW. 3rd Ave. in downtown Portland, this is the starting point for the famous Shanghai Underground Tour. Many people choose to gather early and have a bite to eat before heading underground. There are special arrangements and group discounts but there are no refunds. Participants should know that once they had reserved a tour it will happen.

The Shanghai tunnels create a network of buildings, alleyways and halls throughout buildings that are connected to other buildings through stone archways and intercepted tunnels. These catacombs as they were sometimes called create a unique passageway used by Shanghaiiers, as they were called as well as criminals and those conducting not so legal affairs.

The tour takes about an hour and a half and participants are with the guides at all times. Make sure you to make a reservation and adults are just $13 per person with kids under 12 years old just $8.


This is a great adventure and if you plan on doing something fun this weekend, you won't want to miss their Friday the 13th paranormal underground Portland tour.

(Some of the tattoo shops around Portland including the Grizzly sometimes offers specials for Friday the 13th but I couldn't track any down this year. Stay tuned for more events in Portland)

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