Some of the Best Things to Do in Portland Oregon

Portland is a great place to check out whether you live here, are visiting, or just passing through. Having some of the more exciting and invigorating activities in the Pacific Northwest, Portland accommodates the outdoorsy type as well as those that prefer more inside fun. But whether it's the middle of winter, or the summer sun is warming up the Willamette River, there's always an abundance of fun things to do and see around Portland Oregon.Fun things to do in Portland

If you're into science and technology, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry also known as  OMSI, may be right up your alley. Located in the Central Eastside neighborhood of Portland, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers submarine tours, planetarium exhibits, games for kids and adults alike, plus an ever-changing kaleidoscope of exhibits and displays. From science experiments and natural environmental oddities, OMSI, located on the waterfront in downtown Portland is a must-see for any visitor or tourist in the Portland area. OMSI also features an IMAX theater for those that are looking to chill out and relax after an invigorating stroll through the museum.

If breweries and unique environments suit your taste you must check out Mcmenamin's Kennedy School located at 5736 N. E. 33rd Ave. in the Northeast Portland and Concordia neighborhoods. This is truly a unique experience for anyone that enjoys fantastic brews and creative environments. This school is one you may never want to leave because in addition to a whiskey and cigar room located in the old detention room, visitors can also enjoy a movie in the auditorium, stay the night in one of the 35 comfy guestrooms, relax in the soaking pool and enjoy fabulous steak dinner at the Kennedy School restaurant complete with a wide selection of McMenamin's beers.

If you're looking to get some exercise while taking in the sights and sounds of Portland consider one of the Portland Walking Tours. This underground tour of Portland is considered one of the top five walking tours in the nation according to USA Today. Discover all the sites, history, and secrets of Portland's unique environment. Tours Include “Roses Gone Wild”, Epicurean Excursion”, “Chocolate Decadence”, “Beyond Bizarre”, and more. If you're in town for a few days or just moved here this is something to see for sure.

While this is just a small sampling of some of the fun things to do in Portland this is by no means the only things to do. There are so many eclectic neighborhoods swimming with cultural bars and artistic cafés, fantastic breweries, hole in the wall dives with fabulous breakfasts and of course every outdoor activity under the sun from skiing at Mount Hood to boating along the Willamette River; the fun just never stops in Portland Oregon.