Being a real estate agent is an adventure, for sure. You never know what you're going to find in homes and on properties plus, you never know what you're going to be asked. As a real estate agent, we have to follow strict rules when it comes to ethics, equal housing laws, and non-steering practices, meaning that we cannot steer a client one way or another when it comes to a house or to a particular buyer. But I tell you what, we do get asked some of the craziest questions. Here are some of our most fun questions albeit bizarre, we've been asked.

Q. Can I sue the previous homeowner if the neighborhood turns out to be horrible?Funny Questions Real Estate Agents Get Asked

We've had buyers ask us if they can sue the previous homeowner or seller if their neighbors turn out to be horrible people. And, we've also had people call us after they've purchased a home asking if they can sue the homeowner because they didn't know when they moved in that their next-door neighbor was a horrible and obnoxious drunk, caring on late into the night with parties and loud music. Of course, you can't sue the previous homeowner for such a thing but of course, you can take it up with the local police. Most homeowners will not tell you about any flaws in the neighborhood or in the neighbors when they're trying to sell a house, that's just obvious.

Q. Do we have to use the septic tank on-site?

Let's think about this for a minute, okay, thinking done, of course, you have to use the septic tank if that's what you have. Now, homeowners can hook up to local sewer systems if it is available but it can cost hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars to do so. If the septic tank is on-site and has been used in the past, there's really no reason why the new buyers wouldn't use it as well. That's where the poop goes!

Q. Do we need a chimney for the fireplace?

Now, this might sound funny but honestly, there are a lot of ventless or direct event buyer places out there that can vent directly behind propane or natural gas fireplaces but most of the time, fireplaces do need a chimney.

Q. Can we move in before the property closes?

This is actually a very common question and if you've never purchased a home before it could be a very valid one at that. But the truth is, no, you cannot move into the home until the property closes. It is actually illegal because the home is not the buyers and tell the home closes, meaning monies have been disbursed to the seller and all of the parties involved in the transaction and the deed has been recorded with the county in which the property resides. Of course, sellers can give permission for buyers to enter the home to take measurements or take another look, but they are not legally obligated to do so and when all else fails, read the contract for the details.

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