By pre-inspecting your home before listing you can set yourself up for a better sale. If you're planning on selling your home, a preinspection will get things going in the right direction so that you are better prepared when the homebuyer does their own inspection. This can allow sellers to gain a clear understanding of the status of their property and then fix any issues before putting the home on the market. Here's why a preinspection is a great idea.Give  Your Home a Pre-Inspection

Save money. Although having an inspection costs the same whether it's before the sale or after, it can provide a wealth of information about your home. It gives you plenty of time to compare the costs of repairs and negotiate prices without being under a time constraint.

Uncover unknown issues. You have no idea that your home is lacking insulation, the mouse chewed through a pipe, or that there was water leaking under the sink. Your home inspection will uncover all of these issues and give you time to correct them.

Increase the chances of marketability. Transparency is huge when selling your home and when buyers know you've already had a preinspection and completed any of the repairs, though naturally assume you care about the property even more and will give buyers a sense of confidence and peace of mind about purchasing your home.

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A home inspection is really there to provide a true reflection of any issues of concern about the home and then offer guidance in solving those issues. If you'd like information about local home inspectors that can provide a great preinspection, contact us. We would love to offer tips, suggestions and referrals for home inspections in your area.