A new food cart park is all the rage in Happy Valley located just outside of downtown Portland. This new Park is said to be one of the biggest in Oregon featuring 26 unique food cart serving a variety of delicious, tasty treats. With an over 4000 square-foot pavilion as well as a massive awning will be the home of Portland's newest attraction.Happy Valley Station

25 spots were immediately filled with a 26th spot going to the contest winner of the food cart giveaway. Congratulations to Cindy Lou's for winning the 26th spot! The Happy Valley Station had its grand opening celebration on Saturday, December 5 and by now, most of the food cart owners have worked the kinks out of their preparation and service. They've now had about six weeks to prep and plan, serve and create some of the tastiest dishes in Portland.

Locale and Set Up

Located at 13551 SE. 145th Ave. in Happy Valley just off of SE. Sunnyside Rd., the Happy Valley Station is open seven days a week starting at 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Just a few of the food carts are open at 7:00 AM and the covered, heated 150-seat dining pavilion also opens at 7 AM. The Pavilion offers picnic benches, tables, parking and restrooms. The food carts are positioned horseshoe style around three sides of the Pavilion, primarily outside under a covered awning with three carts on the inside. There are 6 big screen TVs and a kid's play area. The idea is to purchase food outside and come inside to eat it.

Happy Valley StationTasty Bites

Some of Portland's best eateries are showcased at the station including Cajun Life, Leid Back Hawaiian, E-San Thai and the 30 Taps beer cart with literally 30 different beers on tap ready to go and 15 ciders. Future plans may involved "tap takeovers" and guest brewers.

There's something for everyone a Happy Valley including Chinese food, Cajun cooking, chicken wings, tamales, coffee and gelato and even I Candy, a food car completely dedicated to candy. Lots of cool choices! You can enjoy Wasabi Sushi, seafood, and Mama's Mini Donuts.

Rave Reviews

Happy Valley Station already has over 49 reviews on Yelp their first month in business. Happy Valley Station

"Like all Portlanders, I love me some food carts, so much so than when we went to Hawaii and found some there, we pretty much only ate there. Most food carts all share the same characteristics, they're known for their food and not for their fine dining ambiance. Something that I'd never expect, you know what you're getting with food carts, we are all okay with this.

When I walked into the HVS, I was blown away by the fact that it brought together not only great selections for food carts but it also paired it with an amazing seated experience for after you picked up your orders. I'm used to more of the *find any place you can find to perch, even if it's not meant for perching* sort of situation, or I'm lucky, hunger game sprinting to a wobbly plastic picnic table. I've seen some food cart pods stepping it up lately but not to this scale."

This is how Happy Valley does food carts.  Great set up!

The location has a rich back story. The developer originally purchased the land in 2010, fed up with local food options (shocking for Portland) and wanted to offer good food, close to home without going to Portland. It was originally zoned office so owner Valerie Hunter changed that to Commercial under a specialty restaurant.

Happy Valley Station is 30 minutes or 15 miles from downtown Portland. 13551 SE 145th Ave in Happy Valley.

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