When you see that first neighbor put up their Christmas lights, a tree in the window, a wreath on the door; you know the Christmas is coming. Some families make it a holiday tradition to bundle up, crowd into the car, and tour the neighborhoods of Portland for that most exciting holiday lighting exhibit.

This year why don’t you let the Holiday Lights Trolley Tour do all the work for you?Holiday Trolley Tours in Portland

There are several different tours that the holiday lights trolley offers. The first to tour is December 1 through the 15th and covers the downtown area lights and the PIR Winter Wonderland. It runs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 PM and 8 PM and Friday and Saturday’s at 7 and 9 PM.

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This is a heated trolley tour where you’re welcome to join in in Christmas carols or simply sit back, relax and watch all the fantastic light shows throughout the Portland area. One of the best things about using the trolley for your Christmas light extravaganza is that we already know where all of the events are, where all the best lights are, and have them all mapped out for you. You don’t need to worry about missing this house or that house or this business or that; we know where they all are and slowly drive you by all of them to make sure you get a good look.

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The second tour is December 17 to the 30th and includes the downtown lights and Peacock Lane. If you’ve never seen Peacock Lane this is something not to be missed. Millions of sparkling and twinkling lights set to music are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit and put a smile on your face. Tickets are $38 but if you mention the PDX pipeline discount you can get your tickets for just $19. Kids four and up are required to have a ticket and the earlier you book the less expensive it might actually be.

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There are several websites to get more information on the Portland Christmas holiday lights trolley tour. Check out the PDX pipeline.com or celebrate Northwest. Both offer tickets for sale and more information. Let Portland do all the work for you from setting up and displaying the lights to touring the most exciting displays.

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