Need a Home in Portland with AC?

There's nothing that screams summer more than our hot days and cool nights but living in a home without air conditioning can be miserable, especially if it sits in the sun all day and bakes. Even a cool down at night can be almost impossible.

Hence the invention of the blessed AC! It's amazing that just 3 hour north of Seattle most homes are built without AC but here in Portland is a little more common. We do, however, get a few warmer days than Seattle and when the temps hit the 90s, being able to kick on the AC is a breath of fresh air.

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While most real estate searches don't have this feature specifically nor is it required to post on the MLS, an individual agent like myself can offer you a specific list of all homes with AC in your area, price range and with the other search criteria you may be looking for. It's easy to pick how big of home or how many rooms but when you also want AC, that becomes the tricky part. Here's where I come in. You tell me your price range (and if you don't know, let's work on that first), the type of home you want and the area and I will do the leg work to find homes that match all that WITH an AC. It's really that easy. As your buyer's agent I love to help find folks the right home for them including all the little details that really make your home comfortable. 

Difference in Air Conditioning

Central AC is really the best. This is usually due from a heat pump that acts as a heating and cooling source. There are two distinct kinds; Split system and Packaged Central. The more common is the split system which have a compressor and condenser housed in a unit outdoors and an evaporator indoors. This keeps the noise outside.

The other packages the two together usually on the roof or on a wall. 

Portable AC units are nosier and less efficient than central air and cool smaller spaces but in limited areas. 

Ductless AC's hook up throughout your home without installing additional ductwork. It's an outdoor unit that connects to multiple indoor units throughout the house.

Evaporation Coolers or swamp coolers pull hot air through damp pads evaporating the water in the pads. This works best in dry climates so you won't find too many of these in Portland. 

Again, if you're ready to get out of the heat and enjoy it on your terms.... call me anytime! Let's find you the right, COOL house.

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