As we are entering our third week of hot weather in the Pacific Northwest, now is the time to do some great warm weather home repairs. Here are some tips and renovations to think about while the weather's warmed in preparation for the fall and winter.

Improve drainage.Hot Weather Repairs to do Now

As we talked about last week, you don't want to have to worry about flooding, mold and mildew in the fall, winter and spring so start now by preventing any type of flooding and improving your outside drainage. You can install a French drain around the house that can act as an underground gutter. By digging a 6 inch wide and 2 feet deep ditch you can put 2 inches of rounded gravel in the bottom as long as it is washed and there's no sand or dirt in amongst the stones. Then you want to put a perforated 4 inch drain pipe on top of the gravel and fill the rest of the trench with the gravel within about 3 inches of the grass. The water will flow through this pipe and force its way through the soil.

Repair concrete.

Good concrete, if mixed correctly can last several decades but concrete deterioration can happen causing problems and potential hazards for people, pets and small children. Usually it's just the surface that is damage so you want to add a thin patch of concrete by mixing course, clean sand with cement resembling a brick layers mortar. If you apply a coat of cement paint to the rough concrete right before you apply the new concrete it will make it permanently bond to the old concrete and strengthen the integrity of the cement.

Refinishing hardwood floors.

Over time even beautiful hardwood floors can be damaged or scratched. You may need to apply a refresher coat of clear urethane over the floor if there is just widespread surface scratches or if you have deep scratches that go to the finish of the floor, these will need to be fixed by a professional.

Repair the deck.

After the winter, most decks and patios need a good cleaning. However, decks collect mold, mildew and algae from a variety of places and you don't want to use bleach to clean it.  Pressure washers are often the best option for cleaning a deck but be cautious of the more you use a pressure washer on your deck it will erode the wood and eventually your deck won't look so pretty.

Now is a great time to work on these repairs while the weather is nice. You'll be glad you did come fall. 

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