How do I know if someone died in my house?

Yes, this is really the questions I get on a regular basis. And it makes sense! I mean, wouldn't you want to know if someone died in a house you're planning on buying?

So, how can you best answer this question? Well, unfortunately, the Oregon sellers disclosure form does not have a spot to inform future buyers if, in fact, there have been any deaths in a home. But you have to remember that death is not always a horrible thing. Perhaps someone older passed peacefully away in their bed surrounded by friends and family (this literally just happened this week to a friend of mine). I would have no problem living in that home. But then there are those dark stories you hear about; murders, horrible deaths, deceased individuals that were not found for days. No one likes those stories and you may not want any part of that. 

This is more often the case with older homes. Many previous homeowners may have no knowledge of any deaths or disturbances in the home unless it happened on their watch. 

There is, however, a site that does the research for you. A few of my customers have used it and found it helpful. is a website that for a paid search can tell you if anyone has passed in the home, any records of fire, meth labs, registered sex offenders and some other tidbits of information. Of course, it can only reveal what records are registered. 

But maybe you like a home with a little mysterious history. I've had those clients too. They love the mystery of a previous life that may still be circling in the underworld (or under the basement). This site also will tell you what kind of death was in the home, whether it's suicide, homicide or a simple passing of an elderly person. 

So, while Oregon may not require homeowners to disclose this information, you are always free to ask and homeowners can volunteer this information, or you can check out that website and do a little undercover investigation for yourself. Either way, I want you to find a home you love and feel totally comfortable with. 

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