How to help uccIn the midst of our recent tragedy at the Umpqua community college near Roseburg, people have been asking how they can help. We all want help in some way and simply reading news articles and posting our "thoughts and prayers" doesn't feel tangible enough. There are some ways that we can help.

The Roseburg-based Umpqua Bank and Greater Douglas United Way have set up a UCC relief fund. All of this money collected will help those that is been affected by the shooting and their families. People can contribute simply by texting GIVE to 541-214-2822. You can also go into any Umpqua branch for donations. The bank itself has donated over $25,000 to the fund and is accepting contribution at all of its branches nationwide.

The Cascade Community Credit Union also has set up a fund at three Douglas County locations. The  Rogue Credit Union has also set up a third donation account. This is a Medford-based credit union that will match up to $2500 in donations. They have locations throughout southern Oregon.

Another way you can tangibly help is by donating blood. The Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg has been traveling around with their on-site van collecting blood donations and of course the American Red Cross has set up an area at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for families to gather. You can receive medical counseling, help, grief counseling and simply be with others that are sharing in your grief.

One of the most important things during this time is to not be alone. Make sure you speak with someone even if you are not directly related to anyone in the tragedy or were not affected directly. If you're feeling sad, depressed, or just need to talk, there are numerous grief counselors all over the place that are willing to talk for free. Get the help that you need and if you're looking for some way to tangibly help the victims families, consider donating at one of these local credit unions.