You may not leave a child home during the holidays but you may be leaving a vacant home perfectly set up for burglars. If you want to avoid any mishaps during the holiday season while your home is vacant, take these precautions.

Don't forget to lock up.How to Keep Your Vacant Home Safe During the Holidays

It might seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many homeowners actually leave the front door unlocked, the garage unlocked or one of the back doors or windows. Before you leave, go through the entire house making sure that doors and windows are locked securely and sliding glass doors have a bar in the track to prevent the door from sliding open.

Consider a monitored security system.

Places like ADT can monitor your home security in case there's a fire or burglary. Even though you can opt for an unmonitored system, a monitored system gives you the extra security that if something should happen and no one is answering the phone, the security company can contact local authorities such as fire departments or the police.

Consider a high-tech doorbell.

Companies like Ring make a doorbells that attach to the outside of your house with a small camera that's connected to your smart phone. When someone rings the doorbell you can see who it is and even talk to that person as if you were home yourself.

Make a checklist.

It can be very easy to leave the front door wide open or the garage door unlocked as we mentioned previously. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be locked and secured before you leave the house. This added security check is simply a smart prevention against human error.

Know your neighbors.

Simply by getting to know your neighbors you can safeguard your house against people or vehicles that should not be parked at your house or at your front door. Knowing the people that live on your street or in your cul-de-sac can help safeguard your home.

Trim trees and bushes close to the house.

Bushes, trees and shrubs that are close to the house are ideal hiding spots for burglars. You can landscape your property to deter criminals by putting bushes with thorns right underneath the window.

Put your lights on a timer.

If you have lights either inside the house or Christmas decorations, keep them on a timer. Lights that stay on all day a good indication that the house is empty.

Don't tell people you're gone.

Keep your social media interactions to a minimum and don't let people know that you're leaving for the holidays. This alone has saved a lot of people's personal property.

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday season!

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