How to Make a Garage More Appealing to Buyers When Listing and Selling

The garage is not usually the ideal room that sells a house but if you are like most home sellers, you've boxed up a lot of items inside the house and stored them in the garage. Now is a great time to work on sprucing up that garage to be ready when all this is over to list.

Buyers are smart; they know that everything in those boxes went inside the house at one point, which means that there may not be as much room as it appears. Here are some ways to make your garage more appealing to home buyers when staging and listing.Organizing the garage

First things first; pack up at least half of the items inside the home and rent a storage facility while your home is on the market. Yes, this can get costly, but you may have a better chance of selling faster meaning you won't meet the storage facility for very long. Better yet, rent one of the movable pods or mobile storage areas that can simply be moved to your new home.

Clean the garage. If you've let dogs, cats or other pets swale the floor or if there are paint stains on the concrete and unfinished walls, it might be time to put a little money into the garage. If the garage has a workbench, clear it off, organize items on shelves such as tools or paint buckets, and neatly stack items where they belong.

Make sure your car fits in the garage. I mean, it is the only room in the house designed specifically for an automobile. When buyers see that a car does actually fit in the garage, it gives them a sense of space and organization.

Clean garage for sellersGet rid of everything that you have had good intentions on eliminating. Let's face it, the garage is the catchall for donated items, seasonal products and decorations and basically the space that gets filled up with miscellaneous stuff. Now is the time to take those donation boxes to the Goodwill, Value Village or other thrift shops.

Don't store hazardous items in the garage such as propane. Make sure that anything hazardous is kept high and out of the reach of children and pets such as anti-freeze, paints and cleaners. Speaking of paint, paint is best kept inside since extreme temperatures can ruin the paint.

Keep garbage cans and stacks of papers out of the garage since they can be a magnet for cockroaches, bugs and rodents. Also keep pet food out of the garage as it can attract unwantables as well.

Consider painting the walls and the floor. The garage floor can be painted with a epoxy paint that is specially designed for garage floors that will help keep it free of stains and deterioration.

It all comes down to organization. If the garage looks and feels organized, clean and well put together, buyers will get the sense that the rest of your home is as well. Don't neglect to this highly important room in your house when selling and listing your property.

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