How to Make a Good Impression When Selling a  Home

When you first think about selling your home it might be a little overwhelming and daunting. You may not even know where to start. Do you contact a real estate agent first? Cleanup or stage the home? Figure out how to price it? These are all very common questions that homeowners have when they consider selling their home but I want to make it easy and quick for you. In order to make the best impression when selling your house, there are some tried and true standards that you should follow.

First, start off with a great real estate agent.

 If your brother's sister's ex-husband is a real estate agent a few counties away, this is not the agent for you. Remember, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars here, you want an agent that knows your area price the home correctly. Agents that don't live in your area simply don't understand the market and may price the home too high or too low, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Use a local agent that has several years of experience under their belt, understands the market, and understands the buyers in your area.

Stay emotionally unattached.

When it comes to selling, you need to put your emotions aside. This is a product that you need to list and sell and getting emotionally involved will make it more difficult to let go. If you are emotionally attached to your home you could be making excuses for doing important things like getting the right pictures, not allowing a showing at inopportune times, or simply refusing a lowball offer.

Start with curb appeal.

Most real estate listings have either the view from the house or a picture of the front of the house as the main featured image. That image needs to be amazing. That first impression is really what's going to get buyers to come through the door or click on a listing. Investing in curb appeal can be one of the best ways to add value to the home and get interest from buyers. Ask your real estate agent on the best way to boost the curb appeal on your particular home.

Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Buyers should feel immediately welcomed when they walk through the door. Does the home smell nice, is it clean, are minor issues repaired and fixed, is the home updated? You need to appeal to buyers that are looking at brand-new homes as well as your comparables. If you want to compete, it's important to understand what buyers are looking at. Take a look at some comparable properties in your area and then make your home just a little bit better.

Making a good impression is really the key to getting more buyers in the door, more eyes on your listing, and potentially more offers on the table. But again, start with a great agent in your area. Our agents work throughout the Vancouver and Portland area and as far south as Lake Oswego, Tualatin, and Tigard. We've agents that no specific neighborhoods so give our office a call and let's connect you with an agent that knows your area.