Pinterest is all the rage. Even Pinterest fails are making the rounds because somehow we just can't make our homes, decor, cooking or baking look as fabulous as those Pinterest pictures. But there are little things you can do to make your home pop!

Here are 5 ways to make your home Pinterest-worthy.Pinterest Worthy Home

#1. Layer

The reason rooms look so put together is because the designer has layered it. Don't just have a bed; have a bed with a big comforter draped over it or a coverlet. Have wood floors? Put a soft rug on it. Have a couch? Add multiple pillows and blankets. BUT there is a balance; don't add 10 pillows when 3 does the job. Add just enough.

#2. Create Illusions

Create an illusion to each room. The key to making a room bigger is to add a large rug. Higher ceilings - add tall drapes. Extend the height of cabinets in kitchens or build book shelves that reach to the roof. Floor to ceiling mirrors and mirrors, in general, can make a room seem larger than it is. 

#3. Use Lighting

The right lighting can make all the difference in the world. Whether it's a shiny chandelier in the foyer or a beautiful piece over the dining room table, keep the bulbs to a soft light and the accent pieces classic and you'll have the perfect lighting for any room. 

#4. Add one or two splurge items

 Think of decorating your house as you would your wardrobe. One expensive piece layered and paired with other, non-expensive things. Spending a little more on classic, key pieces you can keep forever will be a great addition to your home and one you can change with the seasons and times to fit the current look. 

#5. Choose the right art.

  1. Evaluate your style: what art are you attracted to? Abstract, photography, oil paintings or illustrations?
  2. Match your art style with the décor of the room: classic spaces mix well with photography and traditional paintings, while contemporary and modern areas are better suited for abstract works.
  3. Browse around: flea markets are great for picking up bargains. Local online stores such as Superbalist, Etsy and Mono Shop are also good spots for finding affordable printed artwork.
  4. Frame it right: keep it simple and neutral so that the art (and not the frame) stands out.
  5. Find a focal point in a room where you can hang art: you want your art to steal the show, after all.

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There are simple ways to make your home more Pinterest-worthy and home buyers love walking into a room perfectly decorated. If this is not  your forte you might consider hiring a home stager or even a friend that you know is amazing in this department.