Oh, the budget! That thing that's usually always inaccurate. Many homeowners are starting their own renovations as we head into spring, whether it be for selling a home or just their own enjoyment. But the budget is that tricky thing that you can set ahead of time, and promptly blow through before you know it. So many people want to know the actual price of things and it makes sense! Why wouldn't we want to know what we're actually paying out? Well, with a little research we can almost plan for the most accurate budget possible on 4 of the top renovation projects out there.

#1. Flooring.How Much will Actual Home Renovations Cost?

Of course, it all depends on how much you'll need and what materials you'll use. Will you be using a pad? Carpet or hardwood? Will you install yourself or have it installed? It's important to shop around for the best deal but also the highest quality that your budget can afford. Check with installation and if your location affects installation costs. On average you will spend between $2.00-$2.50 per square foot. But again, get all the numbers ahead of time and if you can lock in a price, do it. No contractor should increase the price after they've already seen the job and the materials being used.

Pro Tip: "If you're selling, most people want hardwoods, laminate, or tile in warmer climates. Carpet is just not desired anymore and because it can often times cost the same as carpet, it's better to look into solid flooring instead of carpet." - Leonard W. Bal Harbour Realtor

#2. Cabinets.

Cabinets are also tricky and can add up fast. Are you going to repaint or replace? Replacing cabinets will depend on standard sizes or custom. Custom cut and made cabinets can start at $10,000+ while standard sizes, which come in increments of 3 inches can be half that cost if not a third. If you're hiring someone else to paint, consider how good of a job they'll do such as protecting counter, floors, and furniture. Refinishing or painting cabinets will run between $1500 - $6,000 on average so get some good quotes out there. Talk to big box stores as well as smaller specialized business that just deal with kitchen renovations or even more specific, cabinets alone. Ask about all additions, fees, travel costs, and taxes. 

#3. Interior Paint.

This, of course, greatly varies based on whether you're doing it yourself or not. Many of us have great aspirations of painting ourselves to save money, but then there are so many other things we would rather be doing and will we do it as good as a professional? Consider all the areas of your house that will need painting; tall or vaulted ceilings and walls, removal of furniture or wall decor, and protection of the floor. On average you're likely to spend $25-$50 per hour for a professional painter and that may or may not include the paint. Don't forget to ask!

#4. New Shower.

A shower doesn't seem like a big deal especially if you're just replacing the one you have now. But a basic frameless shower door can cost around $1500! This can quickly add up depending on what you want to do with the shower. Sometimes just an overlay can be less than $1000 and solve the problem you're having with it. Look into different options and ask what you can do. Get different bids and look at images and before and after pictures to get an idea of the look and functionality you really want. A frameless shower door can cost up to $2000 and the shower itself could run between $1200-$2500 plus installation and maybe haul away fees. 

It really helps to have a more solid idea of what things costs and if you're planning on selling, these items will certainly increase your home's value. Ready to find out what your home is worth? OR, would you like to know how much it could be worth with some upgrades? Give me a call anytime!