When selling a house in today’s market buyers are much more scrutinizing than they were just a few years ago. This means that when potential buyers come to view your home in person they will be looking everywhere (especially in your master bedroom closet). This is why it is highly important to maximize every square inch of your home by showcasing every area as a cleaned and organized place.

A home that sells is one that people can see themselves living in. Most buyers have an easier time dreaming about living their life in a home when it is well organized and showcases ample storage space. To get your home to this level you will want to clean and declutter it before opening it up for people to view. As you go through your home and begin to clean every room you will want to make sure you clean and declutter every area of your home.

Sometimes with all that needs to be done, we can forget about areas or neglect to clean areas we don’t believe buyers are going to look at. Here are a few areas you will want to make sure you pay attention to.

Front Yard

Front Yard

Sometimes house hunters will drive by a home that they see listed to make sure they want to take the time to view it more closely. For this reason you should make sure all of the landscaping in the front yard is well trimmed and the front porch and door are neat and tidy.

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Make Tiny and/or Hidden Storage Spaces Seem Bigger

These may not seem like glamorous areas to make sure you see in your home, but buyers will want to see them. They want to know the functionality of the home before they buy. Places like the garage, the backyard shed, the utility closet, the shelving in the laundry room, and even that closet under the stairs. If these places are full of your belongings they will look much smaller, even if it is all neatly put away. Try to pack up anything you do not absolutely need and make sure shelves are wiped down and the floor is clean. This will make these areas feel like there is more than enough room.

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The Entryway

The entryway of a home is what sets an overall tone for what the buyers can expect from the inside of the house as they walk in the front door. Make this area warm and inviting with a place to sit and put on shoes or a coat rack for buyers to utilize during an open house.

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Important Places to Clean and De-Clutter Before Listing  Your House

The Hallway

This one may seem weird, what would you have to do to a hallway? A narrow hallway can make even a large home feel cramped. Remove all forms of clutter, even pictures hanging on the wall, give the walls a good wipe down, and ensure the floors are super clean.


3 More Places to Clean