Looking for an industrial loft or condo in Portland Oregon?

Having that loft feel with an industrial atmosphere is something that’s practically going by the wayside. The days of the loft style apartments as in the movies Ghost and Flashdance are just not practical anymore. But there are some lofts and industrial areas in the downtown Portland area perfect for a loft or studio apartment and most of them will be found in the Pearl district. In the lower Albina neighborhood and on street such as Tillamook, Russell, and Greely, you may find some great apartments to purchase or to rent and then there’s a few industrial areas on the East side of the Industrial Lofts in Downtown PortlandWillamette south of Burnside the may include ground-floor warehouses and some retail showrooms but these may or may not be zoned for living.

The Pearl district is really your best bet when it comes to industrial lofts and condominiums in downtown Portland. Certain buildings such as the 937, the Avenue, and Block 90 are great commercial spaces that have been converted into lofts and condominiums. Block 90 was converted in 2009 but originally built in 1923 and offers 11 a luxury home condominium/lofts that have been redone and renovated. The Avenue is the renovation project from the original built in 1923 and repurposed in 2004. It’s a total of 195 units and is specifically designed to appeal to the warehouse loft buyers.

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The Central Eastside Lofts is also a great option whether you’re renting or buying. There are several units for rent starting at about $1000 per month. This building has combined the old with the new and several units offer state-of-the-art appliances with refurbished and repurposed original materials such as beams, Windows, floor trim and cabinetry.

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The Chownpella Lofts provide the old world standard in this conversion project in the Pearl district. This historical building contains some of the original hardwood flooring and old brick, heavy timbers and high ceilings yet combines the past with the present with updated cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and modern layouts.

The City Lofts was one of the first condo conversions from a typical industrial warehouse originally built in 1905. It’s still houses some of the exposed brick and wood with high ceilings and old-growth timber.

Of course, Portland has some of the more popular newer model lofts as well recently built over the last 10 years. Although these lofts don’t highlight any of the original construction, they do offer the open floor plan and airy feel that many loft buyers are looking for.

If you’re looking for a true loft feel with industrial construction and atmosphere give me a call today and let’s get started looking at the homes for sale in downtown Portland.