Low Energy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

As the temperature starts to drop, you might be noticing your electricity or energy bills start to go up. There are little tips and tricks you can do to stay warm this winter without huge energy bills. Here are our top 10 ways to stay warm without wasting energy this winter.

#1. Take advantage of the sunlight when we get it.

Just because it's sunny does that mean that it's warm outside but you still can take advantage of the sunlight by opening curtains and raising the blinds in the morning so that the sunlight can flow in. If everything is sealed up, that sunlight will actually warm the inside of your house fairly well.

#2. On the opposite side of that, use thick curtains at night to prevent heat from escaping.Low Energy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Just as you were trying to keep the house cool in the summertime by doing this, you can do this in the winter as well by using thick curtains and prevent the heat from escaping once all of that sunlight has been blocked all day.

#3. Close the vents in unused rooms or seal them off permanently.

If your home has a lot of unused rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms that you simply don't use, shut them off and close the vents. This will warm up the house a lot quicker preventing heat escape and lowering your energy bills.

#4. Use your oven.

Ovens, especially natural gas or propane ovens, emit quite a bit of heat at a very low energy cost and can heat up the majority of the living space such as your kitchen, living room and dining room. Kill two birds with one stone by making dinner and warming your home.

#5. Check the caulking around the windows.

If you put your hand up against your window and feel a breeze then somewhere you have an air leak and cold air is slowly seeping in. Make sure you caulk all of the frames on the inside or the outside so you don't feel that breathe any longer.

#6. Use area rugs.

Those cold wooden floors, tile floors or linoleum can seem awfully chilly in the morning. Use area rugs and soft cushions in a culmination with thick, warm socks and your feet will stay toasty warm all day.

#7. Use a panel of aluminum foil behind old radiators or wall mounted heaters.

This is a unique trick and uses high-quality kitchen foil or special radiator foil to reflect more heat back into the room rather than letting escape to the walls. [Source]

#8. Shower with the door open.

Of course, if you live with people that would rather not see you shower this might be an unwelcome option but the warm, humid air created by the shower will help raise the temperature of the whole house.

#9. Turn your ceiling fans clockwise in the winter.

This will help push the warm air from the ceiling back down to the floor where you can feel it.

#10. Use a chimney balloon.

If you have a fireplace that you're not going to be using a chimney balloon acts as an inflatable, removable and reusable plug to stop cold chimney drafts from entering your home.

If you're looking for a more energy efficient home this winter feel free to give me a call. New homes are being built with a much higher efficiency rating and can help you save money on your gas and electricity.