The bedroom is usually not the selling point of a home, I mean, it's just a room, right? Not much you can do with four simple walls... or is there?

You want to impress buyers as they tour your home, making them stop, turn around and want to linger not just in one room but the whole house. You want them to remember your home, for a good reason and visualize themselves there. So, how can you do that? Well, most sellers don't have thousands to throw at a professional stager in order to get the look of a luxury home but simple tricks and tactics can make your bedroom seem like a million bucks.

1. Think Resort Hotel.

Think about a fancy hotel. You pretty much just have a bedroom, right? Maybe a smaller room for an office or living room or a larger bedroom with the basics but luxury hotel rooms have every detail covered down to the decorations.

2. Consider the Wall Decor.

Do you have personal photos framed on the walls or maybe art your child made a couple years ago? Well, it's time to lovingly pack them away for your next home. Think minimalistic and simple. One or two pieces are all you'll need and you can certainly go shopping in your own home first before running out to Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. There are a couple good pieces somewhere in your house just waiting for the perfect placement. 

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3. Pile on the Pillows.Making your Bedroom the Oasis every buyer wants

Pillows scream comfy, luxury. The more the better. Now, I know most men hate those twenty thousand pillows that just get thrown on the floor and put back on in the morning but they work in this case. Similar tones in different textures and patterns add to the charm and luxury of the bed itself.

4. Fluffy Bedding.

After we have slept in our beds for a few nights the bed tends to get that divot in it. If there are two of you, you might have two divots, one on each side. For the time being, get a fluffy comforter or duvet and really shake it out each morning so it lies smooth and pillowy on the bed. This works well for guest rooms and air mattresses as well if you want to add the illusion of a luxury bed without the expense of actually buying a mattress and frame. For a hotel look, use one comforter for sleeping and a separate decorative cover for the foot of the bed. Fold the cover in half or thirds to add height, color and texture. 

5. Lighting.

Many bedrooms now days don't have ceiling lights but rather one or two outlets attached to the light switch. Play with this by having matching night stands on each side with matching lamps on each. Make sure when buyers visit that these lamps are turned on and the mood is set. Accent candles on the night stand also make a posh statement.

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Staging a bedroom6. One to three accents... no more.

You don't want to crowd dressers and night stands with too much "stuff"; especially your own stuff. Clear it off and have no more than the lamp, a book or two and maybe a vase with solid tone vines or foliage such as bamboo stalks, Forsythia or twigs. 

7. Think Hardware.

Door knobs, moulding, chair rail and window frame all should be in top notch condition without holes in the screens, scratches on the knobs or broken frames. Fix everything that needs to be touched up and you're good to go.

8. Don't forget the closet.

The closet cannot be the "catch-all" for when guests or buyers show up unexpectedly. You have to make sure it looks AND SMELLS great. Pack about half the items in your closet (think seasonal) and make sure everything down to your sock drawer is neat and tidy; Yes, buyers will look.

It's not hard to freshen up a bedroom but it does take some intentional doing. Need more tips? Give me a call anytime or stay tuned to my blog for more tips, information and Portland real estate news.

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