Clean the living room

Living Room

Of course, no one would forget to tidy up the living room when showing their home, but there are areas in the living room people don’t think about. You want to make the living room a showpiece in the home. Ideally, you should only have the bare minimum of furniture in the room. Get rid of all extra accessories, pictures, books, etc. Consider having the floors professionally cleaned to really make the main living area in the home shine.

clean under sink

Under the Sinks

This may seem like the last place a buyer would look because we have all seen the underside of a sink right? Wrong. It will get looked at by a buyer that is tired of living in a kitchen or bathroom without enough cabinet space.

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More Places to Clean and De-Clutter Before Listing

Inside Closets

Now we all know that buyers are going to be interested in the size of the closets in the master bedroom. Additionally, they are probably going to look in every one of the closets in your home. If every one of them is overstuffed it will send a message that the home is cramped and stuffy.

Also don’t forget about the floors In the closets, messy and stained closet floors will get noticed even though they don’t in everyday life. So clean up those closet floors.


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