If you are having trouble selling your home it could be for any number of different reasons. There are however some common reasons that buyers give for not making an offer on a home. Below we have listed the top reasons that buyers move on to the next available property instead of making an offer.Most Common House Selling Deal Breakers

  • Dirt

The biggest turn off to buyers during a walkthrough is a dirty property. According to top realtors, malady the biggest mistake a homeowner can make is to not get a home in its best possible condition before putting it on the market. Some realtors refuse to represent sellers if they do not keep a property clean because they feel they are wasting valuable time. Be as thorough as possible when it comes to cleaning your home. If you can afford to do this is a great place to invest in a maid and professional deep cleaners. A clean home tells buyers it is a well-maintained home.

  • Odor

Have you ever visited a friend and their home was smelling a little funky? It was a huge turn off right when you took that first step in the door, wasn’t it? Such a turn off that you may have rethought how long you would be willing to stick around to hang out with your friend. If buyers step into your home and smell something unpleasant there is nothing obligating them to stay there. They will turn right back around and move on to the next home. The odors that create the biggest turn off with buyers are kitchen and pet odors. So don’t cook anything smelly when showing a home and it may be best to ask a friend to babysit your furry family member until the home is sold. A smelly home is not a home that sells quickly.

  • Outdated or Weird Fixtures

Buyers do not want to see horribly outdated fixtures in a home it immediately says they will need to spend more money to update things. If you have old brass lighting in your home or horrible 70’s kitchen cabinets it could send anyone not wanting a fixer-upper for the hills.

  • Wallpaper

Unless you are selling to a specific demographic and have hired a professional decorator to pull of a look to sell to that demographic you want to stay away from wallpaper. If you watch home decorating shows you have probably seen that wallpaper is making an ever so slight comeback, but it is only the very expensive high-end wallpaper and it has to be used in the smartest and most stylish of ways to work. When the majority of buyers see wallpaper in a room they think hard painstaking labor to remove a personal style item that doesn’t fit their taste.

  • Popcorn Ceiling

There are still a few of these out there in homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These roughly textured ceilings are a big turn off to buyers today. The amount of work to scrape them and repaint is not fun and buyers don’t want to spend hard earned dollars on a home that needs un-fun projects completed. It is best to scrape the ceilings yourself and sell the home with freshly painted ceilings.

Selling a home quickly on the traditional market takes a fair amount of prep work if you don’t keep it in meticulous condition on a daily basis. If you need to sell a home quickly but do not have the time or money to make improvements, selling to a cash home buyer is a good option. You will be able to sell the home in its current condition and close in as little as a few weeks.

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