Dec. 10, 2018

Page 3 - Best Home Staging Tips for Portland Sellers

3 Major Rules of Home Staging

Home staging is no longer a fad or something that very few homeowners do to sell their home anymore. Most homeowners are doing everything they can to set up, stage and present their homes in the best possible light for potential homebuyers. If you're planning on selling your Portland area home, you've probably already done a little bit of research when it comes to home staging. While there are hundreds of articles, blogs and reports out there you can listen to, it really comes down to three major points or rules. By following these three simple rules, okay, maybe they're not simple because you actually have to do something, but, if you do follow these rules, chances are you're going to get more people through the door and more potential offers on the table.

Simple and Timeless Staging Tips When it's Time to Sell

Staging your Portland Home to SellSimple and Timeless Staging Tips When it's Time to Sell

If you are planning to sell your home in Portland you might know that there are slightly different tricks and tips to keep in mind when staging for today's buyers. While all home buyers like a clean and organized home,  buyers are looking for something a little bit unique.

5 Easy Landscaping Tips to Wow Buyers

Whether it feels like it or not, spring is certainly here and we are seeing a lot less cooler days even though the sun has been playing hide and seek with us for several months. If you're planning on selling your home this spring or even summer, you're probably considering starting on the outside and working in. When it comes to staging your home you don't want to neglect the outside. The curb appeal is often the first impression many buyers see before purchasing your home. If the outside looks great, the inside is sure to follow.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Seem Bigger

I'm not necessarily talking about deceiving buyers or even anyone enters your home. But, if you wanting to make a small space look larger there are little tips, tricks and sneaky ways to do so. It will be very clear to buyers that the home is a certain size, but with the addition of a few little tricks, you can make the space fill larger and more inviting.


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