Dec. 10, 2018

Page 4 - Home Values and Outdated Staging to Avoid

10 Ways Your House Could Feel Outdated

There's something to be said for timeless decorations and furnishings. Sometimes an old hutch, family heirloom, or memento, as to the charm and design of an entire room but there are also things that are simply outdated and there's not much you can do about it but replace it altogether. If you're looking at updating your house, either for sale, or you're just tired of living in the past, these are 10 things that make any house feel outdated.

Simple Decluttering Tricks to Give Your Home a Refresher

Simple Decluttering Tricks to Give Your Home a RefresherThe minimalistic approach is the newest trend in home design but it doesn't mean we have to get rid of everything. Decluttering a home, whether you are selling or not, can make you feel much better, open up your life a little bit more and make the entire house feel a lot fresher. There are some simple tips to decluttering your house.


4 of the Worst Home Improvement Projects for Return

If you're planning on or remodel or home improvement project the last thing you want to do is start with some projects that just don't offer you the best rate of return. You don't want to put more money in then you're likely to get out so by doing a little bit of research ahead of time, you can be ahead of the game, essentially, with finding some of the best projects instead.

8 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home Fast!

When it comes time to list and sell your Portland home you may need to conduct some home improvement renovations or updates in order to compete with your competition. Buyers are looking for the best home for the cheapest price, and there are some ways you can improve the look of your home quickly and inexpensively.

3 Hidden House Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Home's Value

If you are planning on selling your home within the next six months you are probably wondering what you can do to maintain its value, increase its value, or simply not lose its value. Prices in the Portland real estate area are going up tremendously but if you have some issues with your home, it could damage the value. Whether you're planning on staying in your home or selling within the next year, make a checklist of these three items to verify that you're not losing the value of your home.

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