I've been seeing a lot of homes out there, either new homes or remodels, that have a large living space, sometimes over 3,000 square feet, with only 2 bedrooms. Does this type of living make sense and are people into it?

Usually, homes with 3,000 square feet or more have at least 4 bedrooms, but we've been seeing some of these homes with just 2 bedrooms. Of course, all the living areas and rooms are huge and spacious but does that appeal to buyers?

"Realtor.com looked at homes valued in the top 10% in each of 50 of the country's largest metro areas and found that luxury homes with expanded entertainment spaces and two bedrooms commanded higher sales prices in their markets than comparable listings with more bedrooms." [Source]Large Homes with limited rooms

However, they also take longer to sell. 

Do people want extra bedrooms that clog up space and become a catch-all or do they want more living and playing space in the rooms they do have?

Are we just trained to want more? Or is less, more? Do we think we need more rooms even if we don't use them? Will people find a 3,000 square foot home with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath if they keep their search criteria to so many rooms?

Here what others had to say:


"Placement of bedrooms matters more then number---I'd put 1-2 bedrooms on one side of the house/w/full bath, one bedroom w/full bath on the other side of house.  Kitchen/living/dining/library areas in between the bedrooms.  If affordable, sun porches opening out of 2 of the bedrooms (opposite sides of the house).  

      That enables guests (short or long term) to have some privacy, sleep late, etc., while the homeowner/s do the same.  "

"I’d really study this survey because it is completely contrary to everything the market tells me. Are we talking inner city condos? The highest value property in Portland is the LO/Dunthorpe Area. Having a two bedroom house would be a real downer to the market. Ditto a two bedroom house on acreage."

"Robert Mondavi built an 11,000 square foot luxury home with only one bedroom. He didn't like overnight guests at all."


So, there you go. Is it important to you? I suppose if you want larger rooms instead of more rooms, this is the layout for you!

If you are looking specifically for a large home with limited number of rooms, give me a call. These can be difficult to find so using the help of a qualified agent that knows the market and can pin down these homes is very valuable.

Image by Boa-Franc