Why you need a Listing Agent

As a Portland real estate professional is not only my job but my passion to help folks buy and sell property, real estate, homes, and land anywhere in the Portland Metro area. When it comes time to sell your home it can be tedious and this is certainly not the market to try and do it yourself.Listing Agent in Portland homes

As a Portland listing agent I will provide you with a free cost market analysis or CMA. This is to determine the best price range your home can sell for. Rather than taking a number out of the air, I take painstaking steps to price your home correctly the first time. Those first few days on the market are crucial to homebuyers and if it’s not priced right, it will simply be looked over. By determining similar homes and what they are currently priced at and what they have recently sold for, will determine the best price at which to start your home.

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Too many sellers think that they can start high and bring the price down if they don’t sell. The problem with that theory is that by the time the home drops to where it should be, it’s already sat on the market too long and buyers and buyer’s agents tend to pass these homes by thinking there something seriously wrong with the home. At this point, many sellers drop the home even farther until they realize they are far below where they would ever consider going in the first place. This not only leaves less profit in the pocket if any but is completely overshot the possibility of a profit when you include commission.

By determining the best price ahead of time, we can set your home sale up for success. Because I am also a buyer’s agent, I can see your home from the buyer’s perspective. I tour hundreds of homes a month and helped dozens of buyers find exactly what they’re looking for and I know the price ranges of homes in specific neighborhoods. I know what buyers are looking for and how they see a property. By going through the home ahead of time I can help you determine the drawbacks, any changes that need to be made, repairs and staging issues, and simply see your home through a new set of eyes. Many times, sellers are so used to living in their home that they fail to see some of the major flaws are drawbacks that can be easily fixed or changed.

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Don’t risk losing profit by trying to sell your home yourself or pricing it too high. Enlisting the use of a Portland listing agent I can price your home correctly the first time to get more buyers in the door and more offers on the table quickly and have you close on time. Give me a call today and let’s see how we can get your Portland home sold.