Portland Named Best City in America

Wow, I beamed with pride when I read that Portland Oregon was one of the best cities if not THE best in the country. MSN recently did an article about the best cities in the US and Portland Oregon came in as #1.Portland named best city in America

"If you are a nerd or movie lover, you can't get much better than Portland, our best city in America. It's also the most hipster city in America, but that fact didn't have any sway over this ranking. The city naturally placed highly across a number of other categories as well, including funniest, food lovers, smartest, and steam punk (or, in this case, steam hipsters)." [Source]

If you're starting a family or buying a home, Portland could have placed a little bit higher but not much, but if a foreign film festivals and cosplay are your thing, you might want to ride a bike there right now. Just make sure it can fit all your stuff, because according to the findings in this study once you moved to Portland, you won't have any reason to leave.

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This study looked at 50 to 100 most populated cities in the country based on the 2010 census. So, there may be some smaller communities and towns out there that rank a little bit higher, but for everything one could want in a large city or metropolitan area, Portland is it.

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Portland truly is a wonderful place to call home and is ideal for those moving here in their 20s and 30s. This demographic is finding work, job growth, economic stability and great communities for residential home improvement and raising families. We have eclectic bookstores, trendy coffee shops, less than an hour to the ocean or to snowcapped mountains and lots of outdoor recreation. Regardless of what you're into, Portland probably has the community, a club, or an organization to fit your needs and your hobbies.

If you're ready to make Portland you are permanent home feel free to browse through all the listings on my website or call me for more information on where to live in Portland and Portland communities and neighborhoods. Image by Stuart Seegar