The term “class” as an adjective means showing a stylish elegance or excellence and goes along with decent, gracious, respectable and noble. Well, Portland recently made the top 10 list of the best cities with class in the entire United States.

Certain factors were taken into account such as business and industry, a desire for the arts and culture and a showcase for natural beauty as well as community support and great schools. According to MSN, great, housing prices and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Portland came in at number four and one of the top 10 cities with class in the United States.

In addition to all the factors necessary to determine this ranking, Portland is also an easy living environment. Our backdrop for Pacific Northwest nature and beauty is unparalleled anywhere in the country. You can get to the ocean within an hour, waterski on the river, or climb the mountain just a few miles away; all within a short drive from downtown Portland.

Nature not your thing? How about food? Portland’s food scene is second to none and even stacks up against the LA food scene and even New York with the trendy coffee shops, eclectic offerings, infusion cooking and an East meets West atmosphere were just about anything goes. Whether it’s a brick oven pizza, hand stretched noodles, or truffle foam on top of foie gras, you’ll find it in the Portland food scene.

How about transportation? Portland has one of the easiest transportation systems in the country with light rail trains, buses and numerous green options such as bike lanes and walking trails.

The public school district offers 48,000 students one of the top rated systems in the country. On a score from 7 to 10, “more kids are reaching reading goals in third grade and the percentage of students graduating from high school is on the rise”. It’s a school system that embraces nature and the local economy with field trips to the Boise Elliott Humboldt fish hatchery, rain gardens, and education on green technologies to prevent pollution of local streams and rivers.

Portland’s unemployment rate is at an extremely low 7% and the average house prices just $275,000. Portland is a wonderful place to call home and not only do we have class but we’ve been on several other lists as well. Check out more information about Portland below or call me to get started looking at homes or real estate within the Portland area. [Source]

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