Where did Portland land in the Best Place to Own a Home In America survey released Tuesday by Porch.com?

Portland ranked #27 out of 67 cities based on safety, climate, commute times, access to education, taxes, real estate trends and other opinions of 10,000 U.S. homeowners.

The City of Roses landed right between New York City and San Antonio, Texas.

Portland rated highest in commute and lowest in economic opportunity. It was above average in climate, walkability and healthy living, and below average in real estate confidence, according to survey results.

Denver was named #1 best place to own a home in America with top scores in climate and healthy living. The Mile High City was above average in climate, resident satisfaction and commute, but low in real estate confidence.

Seattle was ranked #10. The Emerald City rated highest in economic opportunity. It was above average in healthy living, climate and walkability, below average in security and safety, and low in real estate confidence.

Boise was rated #61. The City of Trees rated highest in real estate confidence and lowest in economic opportunity. It was above average in climate and tax fairness, and below average in commute and walkability.

Other conversation starters, according to the survey:

  • Nationwide, fewer than 10 percent of Americans regret buying a home in their city, with Coloradans being the least regretful.
  • People with PhDs tend to live in the most walkable cities, like New York and #7 San Jose (the Capital of Silicon Valley). People with less education? The opposite.
  • Three different Ohio cities -- #62 Dayton (Gem City),#63 Akron (Rubber City) and #64 Toledo (Glass City) -- ranked in the top 10 worst places to own a home in America.
  • #25 Tucson (Old Pueblo) and #13 Las Vegas (City of Lights) residents are confident in the local real estate market. Surprising? Las Vegas home prices are up 10 percent since the summer of 2014, according to Redfin.
  • #40 Houston (Space City) ranks #1 in economic opportunity, with only 4.1 percent unemployment and massive hiring in the construction industry.
  • #29 Los Angeles (City of Angels) and #47 San Francisco (Golden Gate City) residents feel the least safe in their cities, ranking them among the 10 worst cities for crime and safety.

And maybe this is the reason Memphis is nicknamed Blues City: At #67, Memphis is at the bottom of the ranking. Although it scored high in economic opportunity, it was below average in educational opportunity, climate and commute, and low in walkability.

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