Portland's popularity has been growing over the last 10 years exponentially. People are coming from all over the country and the Portland Metro area is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.

This is due to a variety of reasons such as lower housing costs than in other major metropolitan areas such as San Diego, New York or Los Angeles. Other reasons include the eclectic lifestyle, the ever so popular foodie scene, and creative housing options. Not only does Portland offer unique Victorian and historical homes out in the suburbs but also high-rise modern condominiums in places such as Goose Hollow, The Pearl District, and John's Landing.

But this is the only type of homes that Portlandians are flocking to; many are finding "tiny homes", garages, and new, modern looks to century-old buildings. The unique architecture is certainly becoming the norm in the Portland area. In a recent article in curbed.com, a Portland couple turned their garage into a separate micro home as a way to downsize and experience the freedoms of "small living". Portland actively encourages these "Accessory Dwelling Units" so it's perfect for anyone looking to shed the excess weight of a larger home. This couple decided to rent out their five-bedroom house and convert their 480 square-foot garage into a second dwelling. This allowed them to live rent-free with the kind of flexibility they were looking for. [Source]

Another smaller home located in downtown Portland is not just a tiny house but it also is extremely energy-efficient. Called the 359, this tiny house rotates to chase the sun's rays. Designed by Portland-based Path architecture, this 144 ft.² home is designed on a "Lazy Susan" which rotates 359° to face the sun, face away from the sun or simply to change the view. The only reason is 1° off from a complete rotation is to prevent the homes water and electrical lines getting crossed.Portland Residents Live in Just About Anything

This home is designed to live entirely off the grid and the architecture company has designed many of these tiny houses to be completely self-sufficient. [Source]

So they are residents talking to this area, not only for the unique lifestyle the program provides before the new construction of these unique homes?

Many people feel that they opportunity is unlike anything in the nation's real estate market. There's plenty of opportunities to find all property scheduled for demolition and completely renovate and refurbish them into a new, modern design.

A Portland-based group called "Stop Demolishing Portland" is quickly this will be on properties scheduled for demolition. The group creates traditions and protests to fight side-by-side with neighbors to prevent the demolition of historical homes. This gives time for preservationists and even neighbors to consider purchasing the property and renovating it instead of tearing it down. However, those that do get torn down, are usually replaced with something more modern, contemporary and energy-efficient. It's really a win-win for Portland as a whole regardless of your take on either type of architecture.

In October, Portland was one of the first cities to adopt an ordinance required that homes built in 1916 or earlier be deconstructed instead of demolished. This alone has created a whole new influx of residents to the Portland area.

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