Portland has so many famous and popular things to do. Attractions that bring in hundreds of people from all over and have lines spilling out the doors of people waiting to savor a bite of funky flavored ice cream or a sweet and salty doughnut. Aside from these popular spots, Portland has some little-known gems that make the city even better than it already is when you get to experience them.

Portland's  Hidden Gems


1.    Multnomah Whiskey Library

Tasty small bites and over 1,500 different libations to choose from. A treasure chest of spirits like no other.


2.    The Grotto

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the city. Enjoy the botanical gardens and Catholic shrines set in the moss-covered cliffs.


3.    Academy Theater

A low-cost movie theater with a range of different movie genres. Enjoy the old school fluorescent lights and prices of yesteryear.


4.    Red Light Clothing Exchange

Portland is full of clothing exchange stores, but Red Light is probably the best of them all with a huge variety of items.


5.    World Foods

Housing delicious foods from all over the world. This store has produce, high-quality meats, and other grocery items you won’t find in your typical grocery store.


6.    Swift Lounge

A dive bar that you have to experience. Mason jar cocktails including a rotating seasonal special. You can get a 32oz cocktail for just $8. The food is amazing as well.


7.    The Green Microgym

Want to work out with the lights on? Then get moving! This gym is generator powered by the gym equipment.


8.    Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

A dimly lit hidden cafe with lots of character. Each table is named after a composer and does its own unique trick when a button is pressed in the kitchen.


9.    Glowing Greens

An indoor miniature golf course with glowing pirate and alien decorations lit up in bright fluorescent hues by black lights.


10.  Longfellow’s Books

Sometimes forgotten in the shadows of Powell’s books, this is a great little corner store located on Division and Orange Street. A small treasure trove of rare books.


11.  Cathedral Park

Home to one of the most beautiful views in all of Portland. Walk under St. John’s Bridge and look west to see the most breathtaking view of the bridge architecture with Oregon’s dreamy forest backdrop.


12.  McMenamins Kennedy School

Part of the McMenamins family of unique attractions, the Kennady School is a less frequented but just as cool location. An old elementary school made into a hotel and series of bars. Take a dip in a pool sized hot tub and then go enjoy and meal while watching a movie.


13.  Blue Lake Regional Park

A great place to get outdoors for people who don’t want to be elbow deep in the dirt. Blue Lake Regional Park is a circle of manicured sports fields and paved walking paths set around a man-made lake. There is a paved splash area for kids to play in the water.  Other features include beachfront, play structures, bbq areas, sandbox, and plenty of open space.


14.  Skidmore Bluffs

 The city park in the north end of Portland officially named Mocks Crest. An amazing place to hang out at sunset because the views are art like. Portland locals fall in love with the place right away and feel as if it is their own personal spot to get away.


15.  Next Adventure’s Bargain Basement

An outdoor goods and gear store. The two main level floors visible from the street are full of in-season full price gear. Head down to the basement and find deeply discounted used items from things that look like they were never touched to items that just need a little life brought back to them. It is not uncommon to find a steeply discounted piece of high-end outdoor equipment.



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