If you are a foodie you're going to love Portland's newest food trends and hotspots. This article combines several of Oregon Live features on some of Portland's best new food trends, hot restaurants, and what to order when you are there.

Portland's Newest Food Trends and Spots

Let's start with croissants. They should be about three or 4 inches tall, neatly tucked nose and ears, and when squeezed, should give off those flaky, buttery slivers of delicious dough. So where can you find some of the best croissants in town?

Twisted Croissant – New York-based Baker Dominic Ansel pipes Tahitian vanilla cream into delicious rounds of croissant dough resulting in the perfect combination of flaky crust, buttery layers, and sweet, creamy filling.

Junju - with bakers and chocolatiers both combining decades of high-level experience, you know you're going to get a good croissant. These buttery, flaky pastries are not too greasy, shatter crispy and audibly, and even offer homemade dog treats. Their favorite is the chocolate and almond croissants or cinnamon orange morning buns. But, even if it's lunchtime, pick up one of their ham, bacon, and Gruyere cheese croissants.

Tabor Bread - ever had a sourdough croissant? You can have one at this fantastic bakery that opened in 2012. This unique croissant looks a little bit smaller than your traditional one and offers a unique tang instead of the subtle yeast notes as their croissants use no commercial yeast.

Ken's Artisan Bakery – These people know how to make a traditional and great croissant processing and integrating the butter into the thickness of the laminated sheets, covering it with an egg wash, and making it to perfection. The inside comes out a little bit more bread he, but that's not a bad thing. There delicious ham and cheese croissants, cinnamon orange zest croissants, and chocolate croissants can't be beaten.

Nuvrei - if you're looking for someone that tinkers with tradition check out this unique bakery in the Pearl District. Make sure you get one fresh out of the oven with a buttery taste and subtle hint of yeast. Their Valrhona chocolate croissants, matcha green tea croissants, rose croissants, and sweet cream-filled croissants will definitely make you a believer. [Source]

Let's switch gears and talk about pizza.

Zapapizza  - if you like food fusion will have to check out this unique Portland eatery or taqueria, because it's kind of a mixture of both. If taco pizza is up your alley, you have to check out this unique restaurant that tops pizzas with taquitos, Chile Quiles, and other traditional Mexican dishes.

Baby Blue Pizza – Portland has a pretty big vegetarian and vegan scene so it's not surprising that Baby Blue's pizza is all plants based.

Gracie's Apizza - This Connecticut native has calzones filled with the right amount of delicious red sauce and ricotta cheese as well as unique East Coast classics like a tomato pie, or good margarita with a briny pie of capers and olives.

Montesacro (and the Star) - looking for that traditional woodfired pizza? You have to check out this unique restaurant offering some of the top-quality Italian ingredients you'll find anywhere in the city. This includes Chestnut honey, tuna belly and caper mayonnaise, crispy guanciale, and spicy spreadable sausage.

Pizza Doughnais - for the ultimate tomato pie, you'll have to check out this very Brooklyn take on a Sicilian pizza. The pizza feature squares of artisan bread lightly adorned with each mozzarella, potato slices, bacon, or tomato sauce with anchovy breadcrumbs. This is the ultimate in authentic Italian pizza.

Portland's Newest Food Trends and Spots

Let's switch gears again and talk about Portland's homegrown soup dumpling spot XLB.

If you're a fan of Din Tai Fung, the ultimate soup dumpling location, XLB is giving them a run for their money. This new Portland restaurant is set to open within the next couple of weeks and will feature items like the popular pork soup dumplings, five-spice popcorn chicken, unique sodas, and delicious noodle dishes.

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