July and August can be pretty hot, dry months around Portland so sellers might find it difficult to enhance the curb appeal of their property during these warmer months. Because the outside means just about as much of the inside in listing photos and marketing flyers, sellers need to try and keep up with competition regardless of the time of year. Here are some tips to keep in mind on sprucing up and preparing the outside of your home for listing during the hot months in Portland.

Clear away any old, dead, or diseased trees and shrubs.

Before you begin to spruce things up you need to clear away the old. Either hire a landscaper or spend one weekend tearing out any bushes, trees or shrubs that are touching the house or over growing on sidewalks, porches and staircases. Make sure that people have easy access to the front door and remember, most potential buyers will be accompanied by their real estate agent as well as family, so provide them enough room at the front of your home for everyone to comfortably fit. Cutback any shrubs that have dead, decaying or dried up leaves or twigs and pull up any bushes or shrubs that have simply gotten away from you. It's best to start fresh and clean with smaller plants if possible.

How to add curb appeal to your Portland home in the SummerTake notes from area model homes.

Take a tour of model showrooms, new developments, and subdivisions around the area. You'll notice that the model home usually has the nicest landscaping. Of course, they pay handsomely for this type of service but it doesn't mean that you can't take pictures and copy their results.

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Lay fresh mulch around existing or new trees and shrubs.

There's plenty of ways to get a good dose of mulch or bark in and around flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. You can use a variety of mulching including cocoa shells, bark, compost, or wood chips. Whatever you use, make sure you stay consistent throughout the entire property so that everything looks consistent and well-kept.

Try a fast way to green up your lawn.

Make sure the lawn is mowed, edged, and trimmed. Giving your yard a good dose of nitrogen as well as lots of water will bring the green back to your brown lawn in less than a week. Make sure you don't have any dry patches, weeds, or dead areas. It's important to keep the lawn watered as much as possible during the life of the listing.

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Choose flowers that accent the house without being too busy.

If you're decorating with flowers you want to make sure that you choose one color and possibly even one style or species. This will add depth, eye-catching color, and uniformity throughout the property.

Don't neglect the front door or the trim of the house.

This might also be a good time to touch up the paint on the trim or on the front door. Simply repainting the front door with an eye-catching color can add drama and freshness to the outside of the house.

It is possible to create amazing curb appeal photos for your listing even in the heat of the summer but it does take some time. Given just a week or two, your front yard can be the talk of the neighborhood.

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