Portland Oregon has a lot of community colleges, associate schools, private schools and universities throughout the Portland and Gresham area. The two major community schools are the Mt. Hood community college and the Portland community college.

The Portland community college enrolls about 24,000 residents each year and was founded in 1961. There are several campuses throughout Portland including the Cascade Campus which focuses on African films and affirmation actions, the Sylvania campus which focuses on language interpretation, translation and sign language and this is also part of the Southeast center which is located just north of Division Street on the corner of Southeast 82nd and the Rock Creek campus which is located in Portland's Northwest corner north of Springville Road and 185th Ave.real estate around portland colleges

The majority of students that go to the Portland community college campuses live within the vicinity or still at home. These are easily accessible via many routes throughout the Portland area but if you're looking for homes, apartments or condominiums around these all within walking distance of these community colleges, I could certainly help find the right property in your budget.

  • Rock Creek Campus - this location is mainly residential homes starting around $250,000. There are not that many condominiums or apartments in this area. This may be ideal for investors wanting a larger home with several rooms available for rent or students that share housing.
  • The Southeast campus is the largest and is located just south of Interstate 5 and has several homes, condominiums and apartments for sale and rent around this vicinity. Single-family home started about $230,000 up to $550,000. Investors and those looking for larger homes may also find a property here for housing.
  • The Cascade Campus is located just north of Killingsworth Street between Highway 99 and Interstate 5 north of downtown Portland. This neighborhood has many historical homes, large buildings with multi family options and home prices starting about $175,000. These home prices could reach as high as $800,000 for larger properties. These homes are on smaller lots with more older style homes.

The Mt. Hood Community College is located in Gresham Oregon about 20 minutes from downtown on the corner of SE. Stark St. and NE. Kane Dr.  Mount Hood community college features Associates degrees and services about 8000 students yearly. It was originally built in 1965. The majority of homes and properties around Mt. Hood community college are located to the south with home prices starting about $200,000. There are a few condominiums and apartment buildings starting around $85,000 in this area as well. These home prices are a little bit less than downtown Portland and are within easy walking distance of the campus.

For more information on homes, real estate, condominiums and properties around major community colleges in Portland, give me a call today.

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