Beaverton in general also came in at #2 for the hottest neighborhoods with the fastest selling homes. Beaverton as a city in general has an average days on the market at just 15.

As of the publishing of this post on April 3, 2017 the median sales price is at $338,850. This puts the price per square foot or $201 with the median rent per month at $1700.

Beaverton has some of the best schools in the Portland Metro area. The Bethany Elementary school, the Scholls Heights elementary school and the Oak Hills elementary school all rank 10 out of 10 by great The international school of Beaverton and the school of science and technology also ranked the top scores for academics and education.

The median list price for Beaverton is currently $422,000 and the median closing price is about $317,000 from Over the last three years, the median listing price has gone from $250,000 up to nearly $400,000 with the average days on the market between 15 and 20 days.

Some of the highest appreciating Beaverton neighborhoods include the SW. Jenkins Rd. and SW. Murray Blvd. neighborhood, the Southwest Baseline Rd., Oak Hills and city center.

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