Moving across town can be stressful enough but moving across the country is even a bigger undertaking. I want your move to be as exciting and fun as possible but nevertheless, packing up an entire house and household and moving across the country can be a stressful time. Here are some tips about the Portland real estate market plus how to move and relocate your family.

Should we buy first and sell later?Relocating to Portland

In this interesting economy and real estate market it’s best to sell your home first and then buy. At the very least you can sell your home and rent a home until you find permanent housing. Renting before buying gives you a good idea of the area you really want to live in, your commute routes to your new job, and maybe the school district you really want to be in.

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If you’re buying first and selling later you need to understand that many lenders today will not extend a short-term bridge loan and it can be very difficult to carry two mortgages at once. As a Portland real estate agent I not only help my buyers find the right home but the right temporary home for renting or leasing until they find a permanent option.

How do I know where to live?

Make notes and lists of where you’re going to be working, school districts you’d like to be in, and how close to certain necessities meet your lifestyle. Do you want to walk to a park or live out in the country? Are you looking for a condominium in downtown Portland or a home in the suburbs? Having the answers to all of these can make the move easier once you get here. I can help navigate the Portland Metro area and surrounding communities to find the best option that meets your lifestyle and your budget.

Begin packing with the end in mind.

If you know you won’t need seasonal items for several months, start packing those now and put them at the bottom of the stack. Items you know you’ll need immediately such as coffee makers, clothes, and certain necessities need to be packed last and at the top of the pile. Make sure you mark all the boxes as to what’s in them and which room they belong it; it will make it much easier when it comes to unpacking.

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If you need help with utility departments, hospitals, school districts, markets, post office and restaurants, I’m here to help. Give me a call and let me know when you’re planning on moving, where you’d like to move two, and your budget and let’s start mapping out a plan for your Portland relocation.

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