According to a new article by 24/7 Wall Street, The small town of Happy Valley topped the list as one of the richest cities in Oregon. Pulling information from census data to come up with the richest towns in the state, this article only looked at Incorporated towns with 25,000 or fewer residents. Larger cities and unincorporated towns such as West Linn and Lake Oswego were not included. However, Happy Valley made the top list, surprising several Oregonians.The Richest Towns in Oregon?

Happy Valley has often been in the news for overdevelopment just before the great recession and housing bust. Many people think of empty subdivisions and abandoned construction sites when they think of Happy Valley. However, today, Happy Valley's median income of $92,000 is one of the top incomes in Oregon.

At the bottom of the list, Prineville has one of the  highest unemployment rates in the state and a median income of just less than $30,000. All this being said, the span between the richest and the poorest small towns allows Oregon to still be in the middle of the pack nationally.

 Happy Valley is located east of Portland and Interstate 205 just east of Clackamas. It's a beautiful, scenic location that still boasts new construction homes, luxury properties and larger estates. Many people choose Happy Valley because of its close proximity to the city and easy commute routes along many major freeways and highways.

At any given time there are roughly 150 - 180 homes and properties for sale throughout Happy Valley. At the publishing of the post the highest priced home in Happy Valley is priced at $1.5 million for 2800 ft.² home and over 4 acres. The lowest price home and Happy Valley is a condominium at $134,000. The median list price is around $550,000 for a typical three or four bedroom single-family home in sizes from 2500 ft.² to 3500 ft.² and lots of about 12,000 ft.².

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Image by GrannyFranny2009 Flickr of Happy Valley