Baby, it's cold outside! That's certainly true and as a homeowner that needs to sell you might be struggling with the stress of selling in the winter time, much less around the holidays, but it doesn't have to be a big pain. Let me ease your stress a bit and assure you that people are still buying homes regardless if the weather outside is frightful! Just for the same reasons you may need to sell right now, buyers need to buy. The good news is, you probably won't get a lot of looky loos tromping through your home this time of year. This time of year is for serious buyers only. Selling When it's Cold Outside

Open houses may not be the best way to sell a home. Buyers are not typically driving through the icy streets looking for home they can browse. Plus, your neighbors may just not feel the desire to check out your home in the freezing temperatures, which is a great thing for you. Only those serious buyers will make the call and come see the home. This means less of those frazzled times cleaning and staging and less time for you to sit out in your car freezing your tail pipe off waiting for buyers to leave. 

However, some tips to keep in mind.

If your home is vacant during the winter make sure you leave the heat on a few hours before a showing. You don't want buyers to scadattle out of there fast because they are cold. You want them to linger and learn how much they love the house and how much more they want to offer! hint hint...

If you do live in the home, keep it warm and homey but open the windows, turn on the lights, open doors, close toilet seats and present an inviting place for buyers to browse, sit and ponder a potential offer. 

It's ok to decorate for Christmas or the holidays in general just don't go overboard with so many decorations that buyers and their agents can't walk through the home. Keep isles and halls clear and make sure buyers can at least see the bones of the home. You don't want so many decorations that the buyers are focused on those rather than your house.

Now is the best time for good scents. Scent warmers and even real baked cookies can add to the warm and cozy feeling of a well-staged holiday home. Keep smells mild though so as to not overwhelm buyers and agents and remove any signs of pets or foul odors.

You can sell during the holidays and even though it can be more of a hassle if you need to sell, you will - and to the right buyer this time of year. Get started right by finding out how much your home is worth. We're ready to help.

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