Most of us here about garage sales and yard sales as soon as it starts getting a little bit sunny outside but now that the rain has come in and even though we're not in fall, it certainly feels that way, should you still carry out got yard sale?

Whether your home is on the market or not, decluttering and making it presentable is one of the top things that will Is September a Good Garage Sale Month?impress buyers. If you're looking to sell your home, and, as we discussed last week, now the kids are back in school, this is actually a good time, setting up and quick and easy garage sale is the best way to Declutter.

With the new tax laws, a lot of our tax deductions on charitable giving have been lumped into the standard deduction and you may not qualify for additional deductions with donations, hence, entered the garage sale.

Go through every single room one by one looking through closets, pulling out all the items and only putting back what's necessary, boxing up items for donations, tossing items that you know are broken or you just don't want to move with, and set aside others for the garage sale.

Go through items one by one and set categories for pricing. Dedicate the garage or a room in the home as sales headquarters. Organize kitchen items, toys, books, electronics, and clothes and price out everything individually. Remember, you're trying to get things sold and out of your way, not necessarily the best price.

Don't forget to advertise your sale. You can run an ad in the local newspaper, make an ad on Facebook marketplace, or even just throw out ads on Craigslist and other social media. Put up signs with a will get the most traffic and make your letter in large and easy to read. Busy signs usually get forgotten about.

Make sure you have a cash box or money pouch ready to make change and expect early birds even if your ad clearly states that you won't start until a certain time. Remember, those early birds will usually swoop in, and buyout a lot of things. Put a few interesting things near the end of the driveway or on the sidewalk to encourage people to stop by. A lot of people simply drive by to see if there's anything interesting.

Know what to do with the leftovers. Chances are you're not going to sell everything so make a quick inventory and take it to a charitable tax deduction resale store like Value Village, thrift stores, or Goodwill.

Nope, September is not a bad time to do a garage sale but plan accordingly with the weather. Clear out the garage so that you put tables and items in the garage just in case it rains.

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