Is September The Last Big Push for Real Estate?

I've noticed the last couple of months the real estate market in Portland and Vancouver is starting to taper off slightly. Home prices in Portland have been through the roof, which means a lot of people are moving to Vancouver, a more affordable option across the river. However, with traffic, congestion, and the current demand for rentals in Vancouver, prices are starting to creep up.

As we head into fall, kids are going back to school, families are getting reorganized, and now that everyone has a chance to breathe, September is actually a great time to consider selling your property. Towards the end of summer things tend to slow down because people are focused on school, getting things back to a routine, and just don't think about buying or selling a property, however, now is definitely the time. By listing within the next couple of weeks, you can get that last little bit of push for the summer buyers. Now the kids are back in school buyers can breathe a little easier and now think about buying. Most of these buyers are not going to be purchasing out of the county or even out of the city, but probably staying within a certain school zone, that doesn't matter to you, the homeowner. People will be buying regardless of where it is even if it's just across the neighborhood.

You might see an uptick in open houses, new listings on the market or reduced prices. Homeowners that have been on the market for a while now feel that they need to reduce the price of the home in order to get it sold, which is a great incentive for buyers.

Buyers will all of a sudden have an influx of new properties in this next month but that shouldn't deter sellers from listing. Chances are, you have a home that many buyers have been waiting for. Now that school has started and thinks of calm down, buyers will now be on the lookout for the right home for them and they will feel like they have a little more time to consider the property rather than cutthroat, multiple offer situations like we saw a couple of months ago.

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