Whether you are building a brand-new home or purchasing a luxury property, the home inspection is a vital part to the home buying process. Without an inspection, you may be getting into more than bargained for and end up spending a lot more down the line for issues you could have found out at the time of inspection.

If you're purchasing luxury homes in Portland here are some tips to keep in mind when inspecting a luxury home.Should I bother inspecting my luxury home in Portland

In the luxury resale market deferred maintenance is often the norm. Expensive systems may not be installed properly or the homeowners believe that because of the expense, the system may not need routine inspections. But, items such as water softeners, heat pumps, furnace and duct systems and expensive water pipes all need routine maintenance just as often as any other construction system. Buyers are often shocked to hear that extensive deferred maintenance could mean the replacement of expensive items, so having an inspection now can help you move forward on whether or not you're going to ask for a replacement or simply move on to a different home.

Just because it's a luxury home doesn't mean that the materials could not be aged. Older cabinets, older appliances, and older homes in general may need major replacements on electricity, plumbing or ductwork. Hardwood floors, cabinets, and appliances also need to be inspected for any mold, rot or disrepair. Just because you can't see it on the outside doesn't mean it has not been neglected underneath.

Check with the Association on any repairs if there is one. You might be surprised as to what the homeowners association covers on either the home or the property. If there is an association, double check on the reserve amount and any special assessments to verify what it covers in case of an emergency or some major construction repairs.

Luxury homeowners often neglect landscaping. Many luxury homeowners do not handle their own landscaping maintenance and are unaware of pest or termite issues, roots that may be infiltrating the foundation and bushes and trees that may be growing under the siding. An inspection will check all of these items.

As with any home, an inspection is a vital part of the process and one that should not be neglected regardless of how expensive the home is. Never assume anything but protect your investment by having a home inspection on your luxury Portland home.