Should I try to sell my own house or use a Realtor®?

As a Portland real estate agent I hear this a lot in general conversations and from potential sellers. Most sellers have the notion of at least trying it themselves and then if it doesn’t work, using a listing agent. But the overall general consensus of why they want to sell it themselves is to save money.

We all know that real estate agents make a commission from the sale of the property whether they are on the listing agent side or the buyer’s side. We also know that the higher the home sells for the more commissions the real estate agents make. With this in mind, it would be natural for real estate agents to list properties at a higher value but surprisingly this is not the case.Should I try to sell my own house or use a Realtor®?

Listing agents have a sole goal of selling that property and while we don’t want to lose our sellers money we do want to get the home sold and that means pricing it correctly the first time. Many times, sellers price their home way over value and feel that they can simply drop the price if it doesn’t sell within a certain amount of time. The hidden detriment to this type of thinking is that the longer home sits on the market the more buyers tend to shy away from it. They tend to think that something must be wrong with the home, or that it simply overpriced no matter what its current value is. At this point, FSBO (For Sale by Owners) drop the price so low that they are far below market value just to get buyers in the door. Using a listing agent to price it correctly from the beginning, gets the right buyers in the door, and more offers on the table within the first month, actually providing more profit in the pocket for the sellers than trying to sell it themselves.

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This is just one of the many reasons why using a listing agent just makes smart sense. If you’ve never sold a home before you may not know all the legal jargon, documents, and paperwork associated with the purchase and sale agreement. If a buyer brings their own buyer’s agent you may not be fully clear on all of the documents being presented to you. Selling it yourself means there’s no one to decipher the terms, negotiate on your behalf, or offer real estate advice throughout the process. Sellers may find themselves providing more than they bargained for, and negotiating their terms away.

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Using a Portland listing agent to sell your home is a smart investment in your real estate future on all counts. We can provide you the most profit from the sale of your property that the market will bear, explain every detail of the negotiation process and the documents involved, help walk you through the inspection and appraisal process, offer tips and suggestions to getting your home listing ready, and help be the mediator between escrow, the buyers agents, buyers and closing officers.

So, with all of these factors in perspective, doesn’t it just makes sense to use a qualified Portland Realtor® to take the burden and the stress off of your shoulders when it comes to selling your property? Call me today and let’s discuss what your home may currently be worth, what we need to do to prepare your home for sale, and the proven process I use to market, advertise, and sell your Portland home as fast as possible.