An open house... a showing on a holiday.. who are these people!? Do people really buy real estate on a holiday?

Surprisingly yes. Showing a House Around Thanksgiving

So how are sellers supposed to deal?

Well, believe it or not, I've had buyers that were just in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and needed to look at homes THAT DAY. Sometimes you can't help it and I get that. But what can buyers do? Here are some ideas for selling around the Thanksgiving weekend. 

An open house the Sunday after Thanksgiving?

There is actually some effectiveness to having an open house held the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Typically buyers are milling around without a lot to do other than eat leftover turkey for the third time or bug their relatives. But, if people are moving to an area and they happen to be visiting during Thanksgiving, this weekend is a great opportunity to host an open house. This might be a lot to undertake for some sellers, but if you'd like to try the opportunity of nabbing those buyers in town for just this weekend, holding an open house might be ideal.

What about buyers that want to see your house on Thanksgiving?

Here's what I tell all of my homeowners that have their house listed during the holidays. It can be stressful, yes, but I also think buyers are gracious enough to understand that you are having a holiday at your house. If at all possible, perhaps have Thanksgiving dinner somewhere else or at another relatives house so that your house can remain clean, uncluttered, and unoccupied. Then buyers can browse your home in peace and quiet, without feeling like they are interrupting a private family moment.

What if it's a holiday you don't know about?

Some homeowners may celebrate holidays that the general public or most of America may not. In this case, buyers are simply unaware that you might be having a holiday occasion at your house and should be gracious enough to reschedule, especially if it's not a public holiday.

What about staging?

I don't know about you but pumpkins, fall leaves, and the general ambiance of fall decoration just screams warmth an invitation. So, having a few decorations put up in a tasteful way is not distracting, but actually welcoming. Going overboard on any type of decoration even if it's very neutral any time of the year, is just too much for buyers to take in.

Remember, if you have homebuyers browsing your home during a holiday season there probably serious. Those that are out are seriously looking and they may have deadlines in which they need to move by so by offering them a showing, even if it's inconvenient for you, usually means they're serious about homebuying at this time.

It's really up to you whether you choose to open your home during the holiday season or this Thanksgiving weekend to buyers. It's important to have a good line of communication with your real estate agent so that when buyers agents call-in for showing, we can really talk through the reason for the showing, the inconvenience, and if the buyers are serious.

So, don't worry about selling your house this weekend, do the best you can, plan ahead, and remember the end goal… To sell your house.

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